Corporate security Services

Flag Security operates an array of skillful private security guards and consultants Our bodyguards and bouncers are highly qualified for their special tasks. We give the finest bodyguards and bouncers in the Security Industry. Our Bouncers and Bodyguards have organizational skills as well as experience in managing security projects. When you hire us, we make the best possible match between your special requirements and the skills of our bodyguards. They have very high level of endurance and fitness.

Our special unit bodyguards have high skills in different fighting methods, especially street fighting. They are very skillful in rescue operations from dangerous situations. These fighters have the knowledge and skills of how to detect and prevent attacks. Our aim is to provide our customers the best quality of service and the safety and privacy they deserve.

Flag Security services Operates the corporate security guard services in Mumbai measures as per your Corporate Office services requirement and ensures complete safety. We are in the domain of security service since more than 20 yrs experience and had been providing quality services of the workforce for our clients. We have attained the immense accolade from our clients for the best services.

Security officers who work in corporate office buildings and financial institutions are hired to guard the entrances and exits to buildings, protect employees and customers, respond to company alarms and provide general surveillance. Mobile security guards patrol areas on foot or in vehicles

  • Provision Of Security Services
  • Rapid Response Teams
  • Personal Protection
  • Investigations/ Detection
  • Detective Undercover Surveillance
  • State Of The Art Surveillance Systems
  • Audio/video Intercom Systems
  • Cash Vans
  • High Profile Evictions
  • Civil Trespass Solutions
  • Location Security
  • Security Service Commando
  • Armed Guards
  • Neighborhood Patrols
  • Security Service Body Guard
  • Intelligence Evidence/ Gathering Teams
  • Detective White Collar Crime
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Security Dog Squad
  • Security Service Cash Escorting
  • Pre-employment Screening
  • Security Training
  • Secure Air & Ground Transportation
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Corporate Security Services in Mumbai